Sample Design Gallery

Take a peak at a selection from our robust design gallery including over 300 design options with various colour palettes to choose from.

Easily Personalize Your Website

Your website subscription also includes all these customizable features!

  • Logo Placement

    Send us your logo and we'll embed it directly into your design of choice as a seamless addition to your brand image.

    Logo Placement
  • Customazible Animated Banner

    Grab your readers' attention with a personalized animated banner. Add your own scrolling text, adjust the timing of slide changes and include personal images. You have the option to choose from our extensive collection of stock free images.

  • Rich Text Editing

    Easily create visually appealing content on your website. Our rich text editor does all the work for you without the frustration of coding. You can personalize any of our pre-populated content options or fill your entire website with your own content.

  • Personalized Images

    Upload images to showcase your office, staff and services. Our comprehensive content editor lets you include photos anywhere on your site, either from your own images or from our free stock image gallery. Our sophisticated build-in photo editor allows you to crop, rotate or resize any of your photos.

  • Personalized Designs

    Our design library includes over 300 designs, each offering 5 different colour options. Bored with your design choice? Simply choose a new design option at any time to keep your website fresh!

  • Zero Design Overlap

    Worried that your competition will have the same website design? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Once you select a design, no one within 10km of your practice will have access to the design you've chosen.

    Zero Overlap
  • Editable Menu Items

    Edit and reorganize your menu items by simply dragging and dropping into the order you'd like them to appear. Easily add an unlimited number of pages to your website and rename your menu items with a click of a button!

    Editable Menu
Mobile Website

Mobile Website

A mobile site is a condensed version of your website, viewable on mobile devices such as smart phones. Mobile websites contain 1-3 pages of content targeted at mobile users on the go. One-touch phone number dialing, automatic e-mail generation and location mapping offer mobile users quick access to the important details they are looking for. Mobile websites are included in your Master Plan or it can be purchased as a Custom Feature add-on. Additional pages can be added as a custom service.

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