All the Features You Need

  • Client Reminders
  • E-Newsletters
  • Client Database
  • Refer a Friend
  • Recall Manager
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Client Portal
  • Group Messaging
  • Real-Time Booking Engine
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Smart Client Lists
  • Facebook

Client Reminders

Reduce no-shows with the Notification Nexus
  • Smart booking technology automatically sends appointment reminders to your clients and are available to sync with their electronic calendars
  • Customize your notifications with personalized messages
  • New Coming Soon! Turn last minute cancellations into new appointments by sending newly available openings to a short-notice list of your clients
  • Minimized last-minute cancellations with automated confirmations prior to an appointment date
  • Let your clients choose their preferred communication method, whether it's by SMS, e-Mail or Voice Calling
  • Maintain brand integrity across all your online communication with consistent branding options from e-mail to website

Recall Manager

Statistically it costs 6 to 7 times more to find a new client than retain an existing one. Aurisbank helps you maintain your existing client relationships with our automated recall system.

Choose from a variety of automatic communication methods to suit individual client preferences, such as text message, email or voice calls. Emails match your practice branding through logo colours, fonts and more!

Our recall management software was created in response to customer requests. Improve your client communication and grow your business today.

Auto-Messaging Methods

Notification Nexus™ allows clients to choose their preferred communication method. Give your clients the choice.

    • John, please confirm your appointment with Dr. Carla Smith on Fri. May 5th at 1:30 PM. Reply with Y to confirm and N to cancel.
      John, your appointment with Dr. Carla Smith on Fri. May 5th at 1:30 PM has been confirmed. Please
      call 8448989732
      if you have any questions.

      Sample Text Message

      Confirm appointments without even picking up a phone.

    • John, this is a reminder from Smith Hearing Clinic for your appointment on Fri. May 5 at 1:30 PM. For any questions, please call 8448989732

      Sample Text Message

      Confirm appointments without even even picking up a phone.

  • Sample E-mail Message

    Sample Email Sample Email
  • Sample Voice Call


Website Booking Engine

Streamline the booking process with full control.

Allow instant bookings on your website with our Real-Time Booking Engine. The Real-Time Booking Engine is seamlessly embedded into your practice website, offering quick and easy online scheduling. Whether it's through a computer, tablet or smartphone, clients can book an appointment at anytime from anywhere.

Available only to Aurisbank Website customers!

Postcard Reminders

Reconnect and culture strong relationships with your valuable clients with Aurisbank's exclusive postcards! Our Postcard Reminder Service is an effective way to keep clients coming back.

Choose from various designs, including both short and long term recall cards, birthday cards, season greetings and more. Personalize your postcards to suit your every occasion and maximize their impact on your clients.


E-Newsletters & Birthday Wishes

Our comprehensive E-Newsletter System allows you to connect with clients, build engagement and promote key content. Our program is designed to generate a high return on investment with minimal effort. Send personalized messages, manage promotions, birthday e-cards, appointment reminders, and more.

Refer A Friend

The most effective marketing programs often cost nothing. Referrals drive repeat business though positive word of mouth. Provide your fans a tool that allows them to encourage these referrals. Referral buttons are automatically placed in key areas on your page to allow for instant sharing.

Click and send, it's as simple as that.

Group Messaging

Organize and manage your communication with families in your practice by limiting annoying multiple reminders to the same household. You control the number of messages per family.

One family, one message, multiple bookings... it's that easy!

Revenue Reporting

Track Your Return on Investment with Revenue Reporting

Revenue Reporting

Improve the bottom line by:

  • Obtaining new clients
  • Maintaining existing existing clientst
  • Reducing "No-Shows"
  • Automating inefficient administrative tasks, so your staff has more time to serve your clients.

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