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About Aurisbank Media™

Aurisbank Media provides hearing care professionals with cost effective and results-driven online solutions.

Aurisbank is a subsidiary of Bitebank Media that was conceived by Chaitan Pettukola in 2009 and was established jointly with Dr. Atul Joshi. Aurisbank Media is solely focused on providing hearing care professionals with effective online marketing solutions, through a cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS) and other innovative software products.

The global team has now grown to over 100 members. Aurisbank now offers various cutting-edge web application technologies to hearing care professionals.

Chaitan Pettukola

Chaitan Pettukola

Co-founder | President & CEO

Chaitan Pettukola founded a web development company at the age of eighteen, which serviced several Fortune 500 companies. He brings over 12 years of experience in application development, managing internet software companies. Bitebank was created based on his experience working within the dental industry over the years.

Dr. Atul Joshi

Dr. Atul Joshi, B.Sc., M.Sc., D.D.S.

Co-founder | Executive Director

Dr. Joshi, an alumnus of McGill University and has been a practicing dentist for over 18 years. He has also spent the last 12 years as co-founder of NJ Tech Solutions Inc., a web hosting and domain registration company with over 25,000 customers worldwide. He's actively involved with Bitebank's patient education video library and content.

  • Simon Raybould
  • Ronak Bhagdev
  • Sam Dorrance
  • Josh Williams
  • Chelsey Horton
  • Katrina Chau
  • Earl Mead
  • Travis Edwards
  • Richard Mitchell
  • Simon Du
  • Jodie Cao
  • Tori Shafer
  • Dalibor Dejanovic
  • Bohdan Ruzycky

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