What is SEM for Hearing Care Websites?

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Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM or 'Pay-Per Click', is essentially one of the quickest ways to reach the top of search engines. In this program our Google AdWords certified professionals will manage your Google Ads campaign for your hearing care website.

Bitebank SEM Process
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How is Aurisbank SEM different?

At Aurisbank, our expertise in medical SEM allows us to focus our program for Hearing Care professionals. Our team of Google Ad Words certified professionals ensure your ads have the best optimization possible, tailored to fit your budget. Well optimized ads and landing pages will allow you to pay less for your clicks while outranking the competition and resulting in greater positive Return on Investment (R.O.I.).

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Why invest in SEM with your Website?

SEM is the easiest and quickest way to enhance your online presence, reaching and increasing targeted traffic to your website. With SEM you only pay for people who actually click and visit your website – people who are looking for the exact services you are providing. This makes it both cost-effective and precise for you to attract new clients. Your SEM campaign results are emailed to you in easy-to-understand monthly reports with detailed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) data.

  • A strong message increases your AdWords Quality Score
    PLUS! An optimized mobile site to reach mobile users
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  • Increase your conversation rates with a clean and focused landing page
    Provide click-throughs and turn users into clients

  • A higher Quality Score lowers your costs and improves your ad ranking.
  • Minimize bounce rates and ensure users stay on your site with a well designed, professional webpage.
  • Powerful call-to-actions extend your ad communication and take users from your landing page to your front door.

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Read the Google AdWords Third Party Policy here.

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